Build the roads and the town comes to life

In Liikennematto (Finnish for "traffic mat") the gameplay is simple: you only build the roads. After a short while, lots appear. With the lots come buildings and their residents. The residents drive around the road network you've created and visit other lots.

Playful design

Liikennematto is inspired by children's traffic mats. The design of the game follows the traffic mat basics: mixed perspective buildings, plenty of color, clear dark outlines.

Liikennematto is meant for players of all ages and abilities. The UI is free of text and everything's quite large and easy to comprehend.

Mobile gameplay:

Detailed simulation

Cars move and turn smoothly, avoid collision with each other, follow traffic signals and park on lots. Drivers plan their routes ahead and follow them the best they can - rerouting when necessary.

Peek under the hood

Debug utilities are included. You can add more traffic, visualize the road network that's used in the simulation, and see the cars' routes.

Work in progress

Liikennematto is in alpha state, so it still has some rough edges. The art and sounds are subject to change. There's not a lot of content, yet. More will follow!

Development log


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This is so cute! I love it--keep up the great work.


Wow this is very satisfying to play with! Placing the roads just feels nice. Well done!

I'm really happy that you like the feel of the game, thank you!